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Sustainable Culinary Solutions

Sustainable Culinary Solutions. Engaged our Social Media and SEO team to build a new brand to support their New Business. They had 4 followers on Facebook, and in less than 30 days reached over 300 and had immediate messages from FB messenger to teach Culinary Classes. We also created a Youtube Channel with over 200 views in the first week of their first video and 20 subscribers within the first 3 days of posting.

My Socallawyers

My Socallawyers engaged our social media team to assist in building out their Face book and Instagram presence. Had 87 followers when we ere engaged in less than 60 days added over 350 followers average post engagement is 6 to 9 comments and average of 15 likes, and 4 weekly appointments for new clients, via FB instant messenger and Instagram as a direct result of our social media and SEO efforts.